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Touhou Traduzione

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Hi everyone!

(to translate this into Italiano, use this)

My friend NamelessLegacy and I are working on translating the touhou games into many, many languages.

He's making a patch that would include all these languages and when his wiki is edited, it would auto-update the patch.
It's quite revolutionary, really.

More details are located in here, although you may need google translate since it's in german.
(He may do it in english when he has a chance)

What we need though, are actual translators.
If you would be willing to chip in or know people that would, we would love to have you on board!
We take anyone and any language.
Coding knowledge is not required, as the system my friend has developed makes it so you can just enter the language into the system and it'll do the rest!
An example of how that would work. Just double click and type in the translation and save!
And now for the languages we have translated thus far
(If you know some code, that's awesome too)

You can find us at Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher

Also here is some "proof" and a pic just so you see how serious we are >:3

My friend has included a Debugger for Double Spoiler which he has told me it's "just a stone's throw to replacing the file contents". To use, just place the game into the debugger and volie, there you go!

Our current staff are 5 De, 2 Es, 4 Fr, 1 Ja, 2 Nl, 2 It and 2 Pt-BR

Thanks guys, hope you can help out!

Successful move!

We are at

New Logo!
Thx Makku, we love our new logo!
My Crest

The Global Touhou Chatroom is now online. Come join in if you are interested.

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